The Financial Engineering Group is an unconventional company. We have eliminated the excessive hierarchies, protectionism, bureaucratic constriction and defined working hours found in a large organisation in order to concentrate together on developing and implementing ideas that deliver lasting value.

Our company's character lies in the successful bridging of a specialist law firm and classical investment banking. We intend to remain a boutique and strive to be outstanding in Germany in our area of expertise. We operate independently and our sole obligation is to the goals of our clients. Our objective is not simply to fulfil our clients' expectations, but to exceed them. The highest quality expertise, creativity and utmost discretion in client relationships are characteristics that set us apart and, when seen in combination, differentiate us from our competitors.

It is also the multitude of small things that make us special. This is reflected in our client work and, not least, within our own walls. Our company does not follow Anglo-Saxon traditions. We do not seek associates, but rather team members. We do not aim to be the centre of attention. In contrast to the rest of the industry, we are intentionally different.