Our method is different. We disengage from rigid separation into different asset classes. Instead, we focus on the solution and each client's unique position and then select the appropriate financial instruments.


We provide structuring services to both listed and large, owner-managed companies. In doing so, we use existing investments and refinancing structures to generate above-market returns and below-market funding costs. We cover a wide variety of industries, including the sectors of pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, energy, raw materials, trade, telecommunications and the media.

We expand the usual range of market solutions to include specific bank solutions. By employing structured financial instruments, we are able to creatively solve client challenges that could otherwise only be rectified through extensive corporate restructuring or alteration of the liabilities side.


Financial intermediaries such as banks, pension funds and insurers will profit from our team's multidisciplinary expertise. We optimise our institutional client's investments in fully regulated funds by employing structured financial instruments. Additionally, we specialise in solutions for hedge funds and investment vehicles with holdings in the German market. Our objective is to gain a thorough understanding of the fund strategy and to support or enhance it with our solutions.


We optimise the regulatory framework of securities investors. In this process our partner banks are involved as intermediaries. We primarily broker hedged positions, hence without exposure to market risk. Our trading activities concentrate on German, British, Italian, Swiss and French companies. We have many years of experience in commercial transactions and securities financing using government bonds, covered bonds and corporate bonds from top-rated issuers.