Consistently independent

Our company is not part of a larger financial services group, meaning we are not bound to higher level company goals. We focus exclusively on the concept and problem solving, rather than marketing products for banks seeking funding. Neither do we design investment products, nor are we involved in their sale on behalf of banks, investment companies or other service providers.

Passionately innovative

Each member of our team enjoys many years of professional experience in leading positions. We have either worked for banks, for law firms, or for international industrial enterprises.

As a result, we know all aspects of our market. We are equally familiar with the decision processes in listed companies, the way global (investment) banks usually think and act, and the range of services offered by law firms, as well as tax advisory and auditing firms.

Based on this experience, we carry on where analysis of the legal situation ends. We implement our solutions by exploiting the entire spectrum of financial instruments. We meet the challenges of changing legal frameworks by adapting our existing concepts and continually developing new ones.

Knowingly responsible

We strive to justify the trust our clients place in us through personal commitment and expertise. For this reason, we restrict our work to subject areas for which we possess deep knowledge. This focus allows us to approach our clients’ problems efficiently, on time, and at the highest specialist level.

Our clients appreciate our professionalism and clear commitment to results. The value we add can always be explicitly calculated.