We do not engage in proprietary trading or research, and do not operate as a lender. Instead, we are committed to support you at all times, from the initial strategy discussion through to successful completion of the transaction. This position allows us to assess the financial instruments employed solely from the perspective of client benefit.

If you decide to implement one of our concepts, our partner banks are ready to ensure smooth and coordinated execution of the transaction. We assist in initiating discussions and negotiations. We remain by your side throughout the transaction process and offer support later on in preparing the necessary documentation. We identify the particularities and time requirements, illustrate the project plan and coordinate communication. We create the required transparency for all decision processes during the project. We make use of other service providers from within our network and coordinate among them. This reduces the effort required on your part as much as possible. Our task is completed when the transaction has been successfully executed.

We measure our success by our clients' success. We only accept a project when we are confident that we will create measurable value. If during your and our preliminary analyses you no longer believe we can contribute value, you can terminate our collaboration at any time, without cost.